These balls are husband’s weakness during Christmas time! I’ve seen him finish an entire tray

Embark on a taste adventure with the alluring Sugar Cookie Truffles! These little gems perfectly marry the beloved flavors of traditional sugar cookies with the luxuriousness of truffles. Each bite offers a contrast of a crisp exterior against a lush, melt-in-your-mouth heart. Although the origins of this delightful innovation are shrouded in mystery, sugar cookies have graced our tables for centuries, transcending cultures and cuisines. Now, they’re reinvented with a sumptuous truffle twist, elevating them to an exquisite new level of indulgence.

Versatile and Perfect for Any Gathering

Sugar Cookie Truffles are the quintessential choice for a variety of occasions. They’re a hit at parties, potlucks, or holiday celebrations. Enjoy them with a glass of milk or a warm cup of coffee for a truly satisfying post-meal treat. Elegantly presented on dessert platters or packaged in gift boxes, they make the perfect treat for sharing during festive times or as heartfelt homemade gifts. For a more elaborate dessert array, pair these truffles with other bite-sized delights like chocolate-dipped strawberries, macarons, or mini cheesecakes. Their creamy, sweet essence is beautifully enhanced by fresh fruit or a touch of whipped cream.

Recipe for Sugar Cookie Truffles


2 cups of crispy sugar cookies

2 cups of white chocolate bars

1/4 cup of room-temperature cream cheese

1/4 cup of sprinkles (optional)


In a blender, grind the sugar cookies into fine crumbs.

Mix in cream cheese to form a dough-like consistency. Add milk if necessary. Optionally fold in sprinkles.

Form the mixture into 16-18 balls and freeze for 10-15 minutes.

Melt white chocolate in a separate bowl.

Dip each ball in the melted chocolate, remove excess, and place back on the tray. Sprinkle swiftly.

Continue with all truffles, reheating chocolate as needed. Store in an airtight container for up to 4 days.

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