Turkish bread


8 ½ glass flour(1,1kg)
1.7 glass of warm water 400 ml
1.7 glass of yogurt 400ml
1 tsp salt
1 pack dry moment yeast 10 g
3 tbsp vegetable oil
½ mugs butter 60 g

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Stir in flour, yeast, yogurt, salt and water. After you have gotten a fine mixture, coat it with oil, secured with straightforwardness and take off the sum of batter in a dry and warm place.
After the batter comes in, oil your hands, partitioned the batter from the dish and partition it into eight balls, which are too worked and cleared out to stand for 15 minutes.
Roll each batter ball into a circle and heat on a warmed pan.
While the bread is warm, coat it with butter

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